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  • Why LensNet Club?
    To grow your business!
    to help you improve your profit margins
    to compete with the rise of direct sales to consumers via the Internet
    to get what you need, when you need it
    Open your account ON LINE and your first 10 orders with any kind of Digital surfacing /HD (including customized/free-form) upon payment by credit card, will be produced with free AR.
    To take advantage of this offer in your next order, write in the 'Apply Coupon Code' field: FREE AR, pay by credit card and we will automatically credit your invoice. However, if you would like to add an Easy to Clean coating (ETC), an extra charge of $8 will be added to your invoice. ALL payments must be done by credit card until a credit limit is established .
This optic marketplace has been developed to provide eye care professionals with the option of direct purchase ordering online. LensNet Club pays close attention to your requirements, as our goal is to satisfy you when launching new products and services. We will frequently provide a new range of products - bought, designed and manufactured - that meet the highest of your expectations.